About me

Hi, I am Marcia Jones ♥

I was born in Rio de Janeiro and had the most fantastic young years full of adventure and love with my family and loving friends. I come from a lineage of very strong women, who have work with energy and healing for the past century, each one of them in their own time, using the resources they had on their hands. I have always been considered a little witch and I was the go-to friend if you had an issue, an impasse, or needed a healing hug. I always lived my life allowing it to flow through the days while creating an enormous amount of abundance and happiness. I was happy at work, I was happy at home, I had a very happy life.

At the age of 26 I moved to Switzerland because I thought I have met my soulmate. Little did I know I have left my home, my family and friends for a very abusive relationship that lasted 10 years.

No one could understand what I was doing there, I had the resources, intelligence and everything I needed to move on and live my life free of that situation. If I saw myself from the outside world, I too would not understand why was I still there. What I can tell you is that only when you go through something similar, you realise that there is way more than just “wanting” for you to leave an abusive situation. This gave a life long lesson about compassion and empathy for everyone and their own stories.

By 2017, at 37 years old, the pain of staying was finally higher than anything else, so I gather all my strength, and only my clothes and left. I started a new life for the first time alone in Switzerland, which suddenly became all too new for me, as if I had just moved countries all over again. With the new life my mediumship started to come back in full power, to the point that I couldn’t have a drink outside without stopping someone to deliver a message. That was too much and it took me over a year to finally channel this into a healthy way.

After studying any energy healing modality that I could find out there, I finally realised the purpose of my mediumship and why I can see so many things. My purpose is to look behind you, your story, your childhood, your past lives, your hurt and traumas, but never what is ahead of you. If you are looking for someone to tell you if you are going to find that special someone, or get that dream job, this person is not me.

But what I can offer you, is all the information and healing about everything that you need right now to be able to get closer to everything that you want.

I am a channel of transformation, where using my mediumship I will guide you on a journey so that you can discover the information that only your soul and your entire history can give you, bringing into each session everything that needs your attention so that you can live an abundant life now, today!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, when you heal, I heal!

Wishing you much light and Love


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