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Hi, I am Marcia Jones ♥

I have always been considered “too nice” by everyone who knew me well and for those that didn’t too. As if being “too nice” was some kind of label that made me unprotected against “mean people”, which made me weak and even dumb on some people’s eyes.

I often wondered if there was really such things as “too nice” and “mean people”. I look around and all I see is that people are simply vibrations of their desires, fears, happiness, love, sadness…

I see souls that repeatedly struggle to navigate the difficulties of life. I see the pain and lightness of souls. I see also that good intentions sometimes generate bad actions that after reflects in even worse reactions, until the chain of events reaches someone that can see the useless of such negativity and break the cycle.

For me, life is a togetherness of people and their unique vibrating tempo that individually make part of what we call universe. We are made of same particles used to make everything else that ever existed and that will still do. On the other hand, we also have this thing called ego that make us selfish when used incorrectly and erroneously put us in the centre of everything else that surround us causing us to vibrate negatively making us and the universe sick.

On the Friday 14th of October 2016, my life changed. I opened a door into this other side of life and now all I see is possibilities to give Love for everyone that allows me to do so, without guilt or being called “Too nice” or “naive”! My Love carries no distinction nor judgment of whom needs or deserves more. We all do, we are all in need.

This shift that occurred back in 2016, transformed me into a medium that see things and give messages to people around when needed. I have also learned what I came here to do, what my true purpose is.

All I want to do is really help you with my Love. I would like to offer my help to cure you of so many repetitive negative paths that we all become so used to take. I have been naturally creating and evolving my abilities using energy, will, intention and a lot of Love. And with all this, I would like to bring you joy and happiness. To help you dissipate the burden we all carry on our backs.

My desire is to help as many people as possible; I humbly open my arms to reach you and give you my unconditional Love whenever you need, wherever you are. 

Thank you for your visit, I am grateful that you too have received my Love.

Now go and enjoy the NOW around you, with as much Love as you can fill your heart.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, when you heal, I heal!

Wishing you much light and Love
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