What is the name of your virus?

The human race is now facing a pandemic caused by a virus called Corona - COVID19 named by the scientists. Planet Earth has never been happier since this virus started and if you quiet yourself to hear close enough you can actually hear the long and deep breaths mother Gaia is inhaling and exhaling in … Continue reading What is the name of your virus?

Archangel Michael Energy Clearing Prayer

   I ________, call in Archangel Michael and the 5th Dimensional tube of light. I request that you place this tube of Light over me in this lifetime, in all lifetimes, all planetary systems, all solar systems, all alternate worlds, all alternate universes, all parallel worlds, all parallel universes, and all space and time by … Continue reading Archangel Michael Energy Clearing Prayer

My body is my own – Colouring pages

Every , scar, stretch mark, and dimple on my body tells a story. Like with any story, there are parts that harbor sadness or pain, and I do embrace and deeply accept these parts of myself as well. I understand that I write my own stories and can change them as I feel the need. … Continue reading My body is my own – Colouring pages


THE FOUR STAGES OF WOMEN - THE ARCHETYPES The Maiden, the Mother, the Wild Woman/Witch and the Witch/Elderly signify the four main stages that women go through throughout the duration of our lives and every month throughout our monthly cycle. Travelling through each stage of femininity every month can feel as if we are pulling … Continue reading THE WILD WOMAN – COLOURING PAGES

I face difficult situations with courage and conviction! MINDFUL COLOURING

Affirmations are meant to strength your confidence, lessen your anxiety, increase your gratitude and legitimately improve your health. The idea is to focus on what’s in your head and use it to your advantage. This time I wanted something more! Therefore this printable page, isn't just an affirmation, it is also an Award for you … Continue reading I face difficult situations with courage and conviction! MINDFUL COLOURING

I am connected! Mindful Colouring

I love to keep a positive mindset and speak positive affirmations to myself.  Positive affirmations can easily change the way you view yourself and the world around you. Today I would like to share with you something I am in need myself. I have started this affirmation not long ago and have already felt the difference in … Continue reading I am connected! Mindful Colouring

Archangel Raphael Healing Appeal

Archangel RAFAEL (His Divine Complement: MOTHER MARY) of the Fifth Ray of Healing and Consecration says: "Consecrate yourselves and at the same instant, when your eyes see imperfections - you know where you can find your I AM! Beloved Father, forgive my transgression of the Law of Love. Beloved Archangel Raphael, sanctify my eyes again, … Continue reading Archangel Raphael Healing Appeal