I am connected! Mindful Colouring

I love to keep a positive mindset and speak positive affirmations to myself.  Positive affirmations can easily change the way you view yourself and the world around you. Today I would like to share with you something I am in need myself. I have started this affirmation not long ago and have already felt the difference in … Continue reading I am connected! Mindful Colouring


Week 3 of Mindful Colouring. After a week of a lot of inner deep thoughts about life and what I truly want to achieve, I chose an affirmation that might sound simplistic and obvious but one of the most powerful and needed for a lot of beings out there. So please, download, meditate, affirmate and … Continue reading I AM WORTHY OF LOVE AND JOY! MINDFUL COLOURING

I AM ENOUGH! Mindful Colouring

I keep hearing "meditation" everywhere as if this was something easy and achievable by everyone by simply "sitting down on a cushion while closing our eyes". Well, it could be that easy, but unfortunately for someone that has never had any contact with this universe and maybe contact with some techniques, it might be quite … Continue reading I AM ENOUGH! Mindful Colouring