Sacred Fire – Energetic Alignment

1hr – 120CHF (In person & via Zoom)

The therapy “Sacred Fire – Energetic Alignment”, which had its initial basis in shamanism and has as its flagship the vibration of healing through love, is a technique to help you re-signify imbalanced emotions and aspects of being, from your physical, mental and emotional self to its highest spiritual or quantum level.

The sacred fire awakens in us our ability to mobilize the energy of our feelings developing your emotions with surprising results, attested in Brazil and in several countries of the world.

For Couples

Up to 2 hours – 200CHF

This technique also works with couples, in which will help bring clarity and harmony to the relationship process.

The main characteristic of the technique is to allow the couple to see, in a clear and precise way, all the virtues and challenges that involve this union and to release the Energetic Bodies that do not allow the harmony of this relationship.

It is necessary to understand that there are no culprits or victims, and that each one of us only attracts the people that will teach us something, because the Universe is intelligent and puts us face to face with people or situations that drive our growth.

To whom this technique recomended?

Individual session

This technique is focused on relationships. On a one-one session we can focus on the relationship with yourself, with your physical body and with your heath issues.

We can also focus on a specific relationship, where we will simply connect to that person’s higher self, with their permission, to bring all the healing and harmony to your relationship without the need of their physical presence in the session.

Couples Session

This technique is also for couples that would like to try a healing session together experiencing a true harmonization of how they connect to each other and how they can be truly open to each other

what to expect during a session?


  1. Energy field reading
  2. Clearing/Harmonization of the energy field
  3. Reading the healed body
  4. Reception of the Body in Light with a Mantra

The session lasts between 1 hour and 1:30 (approximately), and can be done in person or via Zoom.

Contrary to other types of sessions that can be done weekly, we suggest 3 months between the consultations of Sacred Fire.

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