21 days Archangel Michael Spiritual Cleanse

All you need to to is pray out loud for 21 days straight. Read out loud and with your heart at any time of your day and feel the power it surrounds you. All my Love! “I appeal to Christ to soothe my fears and to withdraw all external-controlling mechanisms that may interfere on this … Continue reading 21 days Archangel Michael Spiritual Cleanse

The tale of the three sisters

Many centuries & lives ago there were these three sisters with an incredible bond and special connection between them. Also known to be holders of incredible power that forced them to live a life in which none of them would choose for themselves. At that time sex was a powerful event and used as a … Continue reading The tale of the three sisters

I accept and Love you

There was this silent disturbance in my soul. An uneasiness that required me a lot of meditation this morning. When a person you trust and love shows you the deepest and darkest part of their personality, makes you question the-love-out of that relationship. When I saw that there are undiscovered dark corners on the people … Continue reading I accept and Love you